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Too much pain and suffering

Okay depression I can deal with

Crying spells I can deal with

Anxiety on it own I can deal with

This damn derealization and depersonalization are going to drive me to suicide I swear.

It’s robbing my life away from me

I feel like Existence will cease to exist

And you know what’s the worst part is?

My mind is telling me: “this is all a dream in your head and you chose it to be this way and you deserve it and you are enjoying it you drama queen”

I need something anything to make this stop


And now Ofcourse it is telling me this is all unreal and you will just reply the replies I want to read

I feel am going crazy

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This is a very difficult time for you. Please get all the mental health support you need. You are not alone there are people the same the world over but please you do need to get some urgent help to deal with the depersonalisation and derealisation. They are frightening feelings but please don't give up. There is help out there and people care. Xx

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Thank you for replying back. I feel I reached the end of my rope. I do have a therapist and a psychiatrist I believe they are doing the best they can. Am on medication. I don’t know what else to do but pray

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