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Tough times

My first time on... it’s been a couple of challenging years. Lately I see myself spiraling down, lots of anxiety, in and out of a depressing state and just lack of interest and feeling hopeless. Living in such a fast pace place like NY, most people don’t have the time or energy to be present, so I’m definitely feeling alone and more vulnerable then ever. I just starting doing some online meditation and thinking I should try to find a local support group to help me get out of this horrible rut. Haven’t had any luck yet.... anyone else going through a similar thing?

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Most of us here suffer from depression and anxiety, it comes and it goes, you have to learn coping methods. Have you tried seeing a therapist?


Yes I’m therapy, she’s very nice but doesn’t guide me or suggest anything other than go to the gym. She is more of a listener. I like her but not sure if she’s the right fit.


Yes..I’m in a horrible rut too. I have decided I need to get out more and maybe join a support group, and make some new friends.


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