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I have recently been given Citalopram to take everyday, as well as participating in counselling sessions. I didn’t particularly want to go on antidepressants for my anxiety and depression however seeing as I am on dianette too none of the herbal supplements could be taken with it.

I have not been forced to take them but advices too despite me not agreeing with medication for it.

However my main worry is that I’ll start them when I’m 17 and never come off them.

If you have any successful experiences it would be great to hear about however the thought of me taking them is making me anxious bc no one fully knows how it works in the brain.

As well as this the side effects sound awful...

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Hi it's up to you at the end of the day whether you want to take meds. Don't not take them though because of false assumptions. Why on earth would you be on them for life? Very few people are so I don't get where this thought is coming from. For most sufferers they stay on them until they start feeling a bit better and more able to tackle their issues through counselling.

All meds have side effects even aspirin and paracetamol, have you never taken any of those. If you look more closely you will see that the vast majority of any side effects are mild and only a tiny majority might suffer more severe ones. Even if you do then you tell your doctor and get changed to a different med. You are not going to end up screaming and frothing at the mouth you know and be locked up in a cage, or kill someone even in the worst scenario! x


Hello, I was on citalopram for a while and did find it helpful. I am on a new med for neurological pain that has an antidepressive/antianxiety componant in it so I was weaned off of the citalopram. Having said that I had no side effects from taking the citalopram. The benifits were felt. I wasn't as edgy or sharp in my manerisms with others and was better able to cope day to day. I also have regular counselling and practice transendental meditation. You have no need to worry that you will never come off this med. but you may find it very helpful. Best of luck.


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