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2 1/2 Monstrous Months of Stress and Hell

I have been living in a state of constant stress for the past 2 1/2 months. Between an dealing with an incompetent nurse an my primary care providers office who cannot get a message correct to save her life whom I dealt with on the phone for over a week not getting any answers because she is an idiot. So I go to a OB as it is premenopausal related. This new doctor didn't listen to me at all or my history! I have had heavy periods for nearly 14 yrs. ever since the birth of our son. This doctor starts talking about testing for uterine cancer, etc. I tell her that I suffer from an anxiety disorder with panic attacks and try to get her to listen to me while I sit experiencing a major panic attack. I know that I am near menopause as it had been 6 month since my late period and my hot flashes had stopped. This Bitch sends me home a complete Wreck!!! She scared the crap out of me. Between these two medical idiots, dealing with my elderly mom with mild dementia, the dryer going out, the generator the powers our off the grid house breaking, lack of finances, Hot Topic not sending any of the items I ordered my daughter for Christmas and not letting me know until 3 weeks after I placed the online order on Thanksgiving. It was our worst Christmas EVER!!! AND I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!! All of this has lead to some major stomach issues or at least I pray that it is only stress induced. I am also turning 50 in 3 weeks. And a part of me is freaking out partly because my dad died of Cancer when he was 50. Praying and advised are greatly appreciated ... God Bless

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Sounds like you have a lot on your plate your dealing with all at once, I'm sorry your going through that. I will tell you that just before 50 I started getting the beginning symptoms of menopause...moody because of the hormone swings, couldn't sleep, weight gain, constantly tired, and my temper was on a hair trigger at times between crying and wanting to scream at the top of my lungs. It's natures cruel joke on women, seriously would take the one week of the month crap over the 24/7 crap of menopause. But there is hope, and not to worry, you can get natural hormone replacement therapy if yours gets too rocky. Mine also came with health issues I've never had in my life....cluster migraines....yep. But that I was told was hereditary and most women don't get that. Some have very mild symptoms.

Stuff you just don't expect happens it seems all at once, and you have every right to feel upset and frustrated over them. I would maybe do some on-line searching about menopause and it's hell, don't get upset or worried, I'm still breathing and so are all my gal pals going through the same thing. Some will have more than others when it comes to symptoms, but over time they do taper off...

If you have to get your point across to your doctor another way to get their attention, do it, copy on paper what your going through and any thing you feel relevant for them to read you found on line. They are there for you, you have a right to ask them to listen to you and a right to get proper treatment.


Hello, Alaska. Am a bit familiar with Alaska and western Canada, and have read all your posts that came to me today. Before I write any more, I understand you are under stress ...big time. But please clean up your language and name calling, ok? You have had over 2 months of stress and feel nothing in your life seems to go the way you thought they would when you moved to Alaska.

Do you think, even with all the bumps with the move, that you still like living in Alaska more than where you lived before? If so, your "dream home" is actually going to be ok. It will be ok, because you write like a very strong, determined, resourceful woman, who will eventually make everything ok.

Take some deep breaths. Get something to beat the heck out of any tree you can find (may not be many) and let out some of your anger that is being fed by your frustration.

Then take some more deep breaths.

If you can take your issues one by one, might want to start with the nurse and doctor. Do you think emailing or faxing them would correct your oral communication problems?(but watch the language :) )

Living off grid is not easy, but if anyone can do it, it appears you have the moxy to do it successfully. There is always someone here to listen.


It sounds like you have a super full plate! I understand your frustrations with the doctors. They sure don't listen very well! Can you try a new doctor? I have had those issues before myself. It feels like you are screaming and no one is hearing you. Bless you for keeping up the fight. Your kids need you and you sound like strong person. I got into a terrible habit of self medicating with alcohol so at least you aren't dealing with that. Keep going! You can get through all this. Sorry about your mom. Take care!


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