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Is this normal?

Things are not going well at the moment. Am battling through various anxiety issues and being self employed my savings are dwindling. I think this scares me, or it should but I still see little hope of returning to work soon. It has been six weeks now.

I did have a lovely life, now I am in danger of having nothing.

Why can't I cry? I just have this idea it might be healing.

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I understand being self was I before I got sick ...I had big adjustments, but I am surviving and I hope you too can find what you need to get through your stuff too.


Thank you so much for taking the time to reply,it has really helped.

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You sound like you are hurting badly, I would talk to you Dr. and get some answers, you deserve some. Sprinkle 1 Also hurting Bad. Sending Love.


Thank you. I have been trying without meds or the doctor maybe it is just a bit too much to do on my own.


I feel just like you and I think your situation is similar to mine. I’m off Ill with no hope of getting better. I feel so scared, I’m sure you do too.


I am scared of what I have become. Six years ago I moved 250 miles on my own to start a new life, which I am rapidly tossing away. I want the person I was back.

So sorry to hear of your difficulties, which makes me want to thank you for taking the time to reply. Sending my best wishes.


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