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It's Finally Done

I can't believe I finally did it. I finally told my mom that I have anxiety and depression. She was incredibly understanding and I'm so happy it's just out there. I don't know if I'll be able to tell my dad, so I might have her do it. But, we did talk about getting a therapist and I think that might be a good idea.

I've been thinking of telling her for a very long time, but I've never gotten the right timing. I always felt like I'd ruin her night or something, so I haven't been able to bring myself to do it. Any time I tell someone something so personal it always drains me. Not just mentally, but almost physically. Does anybody else feel like that? Like I told my freind about some of my more depressing thoughts and it kind of felt like a relief, but I was just really tired afterward. I thought it would be a horrible night of regretting ever telling her, but I went to sleep almost immediately which is very rare for me. I think this site really helped me finally say it and at least consider getting the help I need. Thanks everyone!

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Good luck! Hugs 💙


Wonderful that you can start on a healing journey with your mom by your side.

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Well done you.


Great! So glad it went well.


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