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Im werd

I'm a 16-year old boy I suffer from anxiety but in a weird way, I don't love attention but love acting and I'm part of an Improv group and am great at It. after one of the shows I was apart of I was approached but people saying hello to me and saying I was great and they would never be able to do that and then my anxiety started to kick in I could barely keep eye contact with these people even thou just 5 minets befoe I wes infunt of an audience with 150 plus people. I don't know why I can get up infant of an audience with over 300 people in it but cannot even order a without hipper ventilating

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Hi slychichen45, I am so much like you in that I too don't like the attention but think nothing of going up in front of a large group of people and speak or teach CPR. I truly believe talking one on one is more anxiety prone. There's the problem of eye contact, not liking lulls in the conversation in that we start shallow breathing or holding our breath setting ourselves up for anxiety.

I've learned that I am not responsible for keeping the conversation going with another person or persons. I found when I learned to listen to others, it gave me the time I needed to deep breathe reducing my anxiety. Most people like to talk about themselves/their problems/their families. By putting on this genuine "I'm interested" face, it will make you more comfortable and give that other person what they need....someone who cares.

Being in an Impov Group gives you a good foundation to carry on a conversation with another. Be loose and relaxed as you are on stage. Practice makes perfect. Start using meditation and deep breathing at home several times a day. Use it when driving, walking, watching tv etc. Doing deep breathing properly allows the adrenaline to stay at a lower level. You cannot be deep breathing and be anxious at the same time. It's impossible.

One last thing, when speaking with someone, don't worry about what you will say next, live in the moment in allowing the other person to inject their ideas as well. I give you a lot of credit with being in the Improv Group.... Breathe :) x

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thank you so much for all of the advise I will definitely apply it to my life

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Good Luck, I know you can do it, now you have to believe that you can x


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