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I'm new

Hi. My name is Mele and I am 16 years old. I was diagnosed with body dysmorphia, dysthymia(mild depression), and mild anxiety when I was 11 when I was hospitalized for attempted suicide. I went to therapy for about 5 months before moving to a different country. My parents aren't around a lot and so after the short period of help, I was back on my own. It's been 5 years since that and today I'm not any better. I have hard time opening up to people irl and I hope I can use this site to connect with others and as an outlet. Thanks

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Thank you

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Hi! just know that it's okay to feel overwhelmed. please, share how you feel. I'm here because my son suffers from anxiety, and I would love to learn how to help him. He is 15.

I'll be here learning. Let's do this together.

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Thank you. Your son is lucky to have you care about him and I wish you both the best as well ❤️


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