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Want to be normal again ? Help?

It all started with anxiety through break up partner and stress at work now I have slipped into a depression ! I have been like this since end of October last year . I was on propranolol and now on citalopram 10mg but felt not helping so doctors upped to 20mg feel like not getting help at all from doctors ! Need sleeping tablets as night time always feels the worse . I am usually a very strong person so this has shocked me ! .

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Hello there, sorry to hear that you’re struggling. Depression and anxiety can happen to anyone all it takes is a unfortunate incident or crisis and our brains seem to rewire and things that used to not bother you are suddenly sending you into a panic. The good news is that it can be fixed, it isn’t easy but it can be done. There are ways of coping such as exercise, journaling, meditation and therapy. If you don’t feel like your medication is helping you need to communicate this to your doctor and more than likely they will find something that will help. This process does take a lot of time and effort but remember that there is hope, things will get better. Best of luck.


Thanks for the reply

I have seen 4 different doctors and no help what's so ever ! My works HR is coming to see me tomorrow that's another worry?

I've just started on the 20mg citalopram today ! I just don't know how to deal with it all heads never clear if that makes sense ?

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I’m not sure how long you’ve been on medication but remember that it can take up to six weeks for you notice the effects of the drug. I was on Effexor for a few years and had to keep upping the dosage until I reached the max. After that I tried several different medications but nothing seemed to make me feel better so I ended up coming off medication all together. I use the other methods that I mentioned to curb my anxiety but I still have bad days. I don’t know if you have a close family member or friend that you can trust to talk to. My spouse is understanding and supportive and has helped me through some tough times.

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