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Update: 1st Session

Hello all!

So I had my first session with a therapist last week. It went surprisingly well, I did take some of the tips I got from some of you guys here from this community. I believe that helped me. I'm not trying to take any medications, so I'm just going to continue with the sessions for now. I opened up about a lot of the things that are causing my anxiety and the therapist was very thoughtful.

Other than that, i'm doing ok. No anxiety attacks lately my emotions have been up and down but i'm ok.

Just thought i'd give an update on how everything is going with me. I hope everyone is doing well.

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I am proud of you, spill the beans as the old saying goes, I did it and it turned my life around, found out I still was low on serotonin, so went on an SSRI kept my steady for years until I built up a tolerance, so had to switch to another brand. Stay with it, you will come out ahead.. I wish you well and peace, sending love & hugs. Sprinkle 1

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Thank you Sprinkle1. :) I love the appreciation post here on healthunlocked, yall remind me that people really do care. :) I'm wishing you well and peace and happiness!!! <3


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