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Feeling suffocated

Hi all, does anyone ever feel suffocated by loved ones? My husband went through a stage of not being around a lot and wanting to do more individual stuff, to the point where I got used to him not being here & occupied myself with other things. Now it feels as though there’s a sudden change and he’s here all the time & I just feel suffocated and claustrophobic. I’m finding it so confusing I just don’t know how I feel or what to think anymore.

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My husband is a truck driver and I feel that way when he comes home for about 36 hours on the weekend. He's a great guy, it just goofs me all up! I'm so used to having the bed to myself , I really don't sleep well at all when he's home. Then I get mad at myself for feeling that way and put myself down! So I can relate! XXX

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