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Pageant update

Since my pageant is coming up i thought i’d give you guys an update. I have been struggling with biting my fingers, fingernails, cuticles, skin and all. I’ve tried several times to stop but i just cant. I dont need ugly looking fingers for the pageant. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to stop?

On another note, I have stopped drinking all sodas, no sweets, eating healthy snacks trying to get in shape and its making me SO tired.

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If you are really determined to participate in this pageant, even with the anxiety preparing for it has you causing harm to your own fingers and fingernails, go to a good professional nail salon and see what they can do to make your nails look better.

They are not going to be able to tell you how to stop; you are the only one that can do that. If the pageant is more important than your nailbiting, you may have the motivation to stop damaging your fingers. The expense of nail tips or application of full nails may discourage you from further damage to yours.

I hope the best for you and know the hard work pageants are and they are so stressful. But, I hope so much that you are realistic that if you can't control the stress and anxiety regarding your fingernails, the anxiety and stress of everything else that a pageant brings may overwhelm you. But I have my fingers crossed and my heart is with you.

I admire your platform and hope you are able to handle the challenges of the pageant, starting with you being able to stop harming your finger and fingernails. There are many other opportunities to express the platform you have chosen that may be less stressful for you.xxx

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Thank you so much! I’ve been biting my nails and fingers since before i can even remember. I wanna say i started shortly after i lost my pacifier. Yes i had my pacifier in my mouth until i was 5. I was basically born with all of my anxiety problems and they are hard to control at times but i cope. I’ve been in a pageant before but this one is part of the Miss America system and i have always wanted to be a Miss America!! I havent been in this big of a pageant before plus im in college taking classes and its just so much stress but i will push through this because it’s something i’ve wanted to do for so long❤️ thanks for your support and i will keep you all updated! Currently trying to figure out how to jump start my platform appearances because the judges are wanting to hear what we’ve done already and not just what we will do if we’re crowned Miss SAU


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