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Considering stopping meds for depression

Hi everyone, I am a 61yr old woman who has been on anti-depressants steadily since 2004 but was on them and/or anti-anxiety medication off and on prior to that for approximately 10 yrs. I have been on Celexa, Remeron, Paxil, and Lorazepam at various times. Currently I am on Wellbutrin and Adderall, but until 3 months ago was also on Prozac. My dilemma is that although the medication seemed to help for a number of years I have always experienced emotional numbness, significant difficulty with waking up in the morning, constant feeling of having a brain full of cotton balls, lack of interest in pretty much anything, and difficulty motivating myself to get anything done when I'm not at work. Once I'm at work, usually somewhere between 10:30 and 11:30am, I have no problems doing my work or concentrating on my work. Outside of work however nada.

Last year for approximately 3 months I was off all my medication. I had energy, I was actually making it to a 6:30am yoga class 3x week, I was active outside of work with friends, etc. But then I started to experience weepiness, feelings of being overwhelmed, and rising aggressiveness. So I went back on my medication and started seeing a psychiatrist again. We tried a new SSRI - Vortioxetine - but that didn't work.

I am seriously considering going off meds again but this time I will discuss it with my psychiatrist. I am hoping some of you may have experience with or know of someone who has experience with ending anti-depressant medication permanently and would be willing to share your experiences.

Thank you.

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Hi I have been on meds off and on since around 2002/2003.. I was on just celexa at first then stopped while I was pregnant and stayed off until my baby was maybe a little older my anxiety seems to always find a way to creep back into my life.. I've been off and on and I always end up back on because my anxiety gets so bad I feel like I could pass out.. right now I'm on lexapro it takes lower doses so I'm on 10 mg instead of the 40 mg Prozac I was on that was making me numb and never wanted to leave my house. I also use Ativan as needed for anxiety. A lot of them I've noticed I get worse anxiety when I've tried to stop these on my own so I recommend trying it with your drs help so you succeed. Good luck



If you are considering going off your meds, then you need to consider other forms of treatment for your condition.

Have you ever tried anything else other than meds?


I have used therapy and an SAD light. I found regular exercise helped but with the side effect of extreme fatigue I have not engaged in regular exercise for quite a number of years. Part of me is hoping that by attaining the benefits of not being on medication that I will be able to off-set any downside. I try to take an "if it's not life and death" approach to many things now. For instance if I feel myself starting to get angry about a co-workers' work habits that impact me I try to focus on what I can do and not what is out of my control.


From your history - going off meds is not a good idea. You relapse and loose everything you have gained.

Somewhere though; there is a balance between meds, behaviour and reaction (congrats on managing your anger) and non chemical treatment.

Exercise as you mention works but comes with fatigue; so you need to make sure you are resting properly, eating the right protein and carbs and also assisting your skeletal system by taking a calcium supplement.

We can chat some more about achieving this balance if you want?


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