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Can your meds stop working


I've been on venlafaxine for almost 15 years now my doctor upped my meds to 300mg a few months ago im also on propanalol only 30mg though but I've recently as a bad episode of health anxiety and it took over 2 weeks to calm myself down I take these tablets regular around same time I never miss but I now feel they have stop working is this even possible?

Has anyone else had a similar experience to this.


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I would bet it's possible that your body gets used to your dosage. I've had to change meds because the venlafaxine didn't seem to be working anymore either. I'm not a big fan of antidepressants for anxiety, although most doctors, including my own, would disagree with me. I always seem to have the opposite reaction I feel like I get more anxious.

For me, the anxiety is worse than the depression right now. I'm trying to get through each day with the help of klonopin and Paxil. The venlafaxine is hard for me to get off of - so I'm still taking a small dosage of that too. I guess our bodies change as we get older.

I think your totally right Maxiomargie is it hard to deal with weening off one to go on another?

I would love to change my meds to a lower more effective dose I too are like you would prefer to not take any but I don't think I could manage to be without ant just yet

Thanks for the advice


Well, it wasn't the easiest for me to wean off of one to another. All the antidepressants do the same thing basically, except venlafaxine acts on two areas (you'll have to google that for more information). So I know people have trouble coming off of that more so than others. My doctor first tried Zoloft because the venlafaxine wasn't working in his opinion. NO GOOD for me. The Zoloft sent me into major panic mode. So everyone is different. My best advice in changing meds is to go slow. Little by little. How much were you taking before you doctor upped to to 300mg? That's a pretty high dose, but you may need that. I'm still taking 40mg of Paxil and 37.5 mg of the venlafaxine. So I'm not on such a low dose regarding antidepressants. I find the klonopin is much more effective in treating anxiety. Oh, and the doc put me on Zyprexa too, which is a major tranquilizer. I hate being on all this medication too, but I feel like I'd be in the hospital without them. Someday though I'm going off. Now is not a good time for me to try! Peace to you and just take one step at a time.

Hi Maxiomargie

I was only on 37.5mg like yourself then Dr upped me to 75mg then I went onto 300mg but for it not to work with that big dosage it should bear has also now prescribed mertazapine now I'm meant to take it before bed because I don't know if you get this but with the venlafaxine I get hot sweats all the time and when I'm relaxed or relaxing I'm jumping out my skin In especially when I'm falling to sleep I'm constantly jumping my husband says when I'm a sleep I'm jerking in my sleep too I read taking venlafaxine you can weaken your nerve endings so not sure

Thanks for your support

Nat xxx

I too was on venlafaxine for about 15 years when it stopped being effective. Unfortunately I went to my gp who stopped me abruptly of it and put me on Prozac. Withdrawal was a nightmare physically as well as emotionally. It took me months due to insurance issues to find a psychiatrist where I live and am finally starting to feel better. I am on remeron along with Prozac and klonopin, which I’ve been on for almost 30 years, as I suffer from depression as well as anxiety. Have you thought about going to a psychiatrist?

Natzsteveo in reply to Tiredinky

Hi Tiredinky

Thanks for your reply I'm already with a psychiatrist I may speak to her regarding it because I feel like they are not working at know yourself don't ya when it ain't working I'm just more worried about the come down though but I do need to start to feel better again though



Tiredinky in reply to Natzsteveo

I certainly knew that it wasn't working. I feel so much better since starting remeron but I sometimes worry about what will happen if it stops working or my psychiatrists wants to change it. I've been taking 0.5 mg of klonopin twice a day for almost 30 years. I'm sure it is not doing anything but cannot stop taking it. I've tried cutting the pills in half but the anxiety starts rising again. The goal with my psychiatrist is to get me off of it slowly after I am stable for a period of time. The thought of going through withdrawal again terrifies me. I hate that I cannot live a normal life without medication but I know being on medication and living a full life is better than living depressed and in fear.

Glad you found a psychiatrist! GPs are the worst when it comes to dispensing psychotropic medication. My first experience was my GP putting me a mega dose of Prozac. I ended up in the emergency room with tremors and extreme anxiety. Thankfully, I found a psychiatrist quickly. Even so, I'm having trouble coming off the venlafaxine, and I'm at the smallest dosage. Unfortunately, I'm on capsules, so I might try emptying a little out to wean myself off. But venlafaxine is known to be difficult to come off of. You poor thing....that must have been hell.

D-man in reply to Tiredinky

Are you still on this site. I have been on ativan 2mg for almost 2 years pen upto 3 pills a day and I am now on remeron at night along with my trazadone. I sleep at night but on disability and so my days are ling and horrible. The anxiety comes from the minute I wake up and the mind goes. Help

hi, from my own experience, I built up a tolerance to Prozac - then onto Zoloft - same thing happened, venlafaxine and I did not get along well, so I have ended up in a mess, battle depression/anxiety, and musical chairs with drugs. I am miserable and cannot wait for it it end this has been going on for month. My Psych. Dr. has been out sick for 4 month, I can hardly wait to see her, I always recommend a Psych. Dr. They know about our brains and the meds that should works for us. Try to find one who treats depression and anxiety. I wish you well, sending love Sprinkle 1 xx Hugs to oo

Natzsteveo in reply to Sprinkle1

Thanks Sprinkle1 for your reply I have my psyche on a Wednesday morning so going to ask her see what she says

Thanks f or your reply from nat

Well I'm at my psychiatrist on Monday so will got through with her the best way to do it thanks all for your advice

Love Nat xxx I

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