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Not wanting to get better

21 years old, suffering from severe anxiety, social anxiety as well as depression for about 3-4 years now. Used to be a funny confident guy with an abundant of friends, now i live in my room 24/7 with no contact with anyone but my mum and younger brother. Completely robbed of life due to all this shit thats gone on but nonetheless its my own fault that my mind is the way it is because i choose to not seek help. I mean ive had a handful of therapists within the space of a couple years. I been on and off meds for periods in between, however I have commitment issues trust issues and all the rest of it. To cut a long story short. Some reasonings behind not really pushing myself and going for it are "i dont care about myself so whats the point" "I dont trust anybody **** everybody" "everyone lets me down anyway" "I already know life will never get any better" "IM TOO FAR GONE".... To think I used to be a bright kid, 12 GCSEs, 3 A-levels... I cant even do simple mental math anymore. Excuse the grammar and erraticness (yes i make up words to) but IM SICK TO DEATH OF LIVING LIKE THIS. Im so done with life my family all call me selfish but they're just ignorant and dont understand my head space. If i committed suicide I would be selfish. Its got to a point now where in person im a completely different character with company than without. I have panic attacks around my fucking sister that doesn't live at home when she comes over. Its almost as if they think ive chosen this path and wished this upon myself. Wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. This isn't a life. I fear im too far gone now my mind is just on a completely different spectrum. When im on my own and see people laughing together whilst watching a movie i start breaking down because Ill never get those feelings back. I cant even construct a paragraph properly anymore. Sorry for the waffle. I dont love myself anymore so whats the point anyways means no one can love me.

I dont know what to achieve from sticking this online but any advice would be appreciated.

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Well you sound a bit like me i was similar but i developed a could not care less attitude..

At 21 you have your whole life ahead there so many paths you can still take if u really want to...

My problem was i did not care to know and was drinking heavily and smoking pot to escape everything..

All i can say is put everything behind you as best you can get the best help you can for your anxiety and depression..

If i were you i would try to find a path to follow and get busy doing how you handle the rest may well be left in the hands of a professional...

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You don’t need to apologise, none of us choose to be this way, it’s just one of those things that we have to accept I’m afraid. You are not alone and never will be. I don’t know what has happened to you to give you such horrible trust issues and the feeling you can’t have friends or be around people, but you are young and you can get through it. You’ve taken a good step by reaching out on here, it’s up to you what you do next.


Oh honey, don't give up hope! Get the help you need from an experienced anxiety counselor. You CAN get back to the person you were, even better! It takes work and perseverance and it may not come fast but you will get better. You are not too far gone, you have probably hit bottom but you can go up! It's painful i know, anxiety and depression have been part of my life for 25 years but I'm getting help and I'm getting better. I've come too far to give up now. Suicide is no answer, you are worth getting help for your illness. It doesn't matter if your family or friends understand and no you wouldn't wish this on anyone, it's painful and heartbreaking at times. Let them go, and look for people who do understand, I don't mean reject them just reject their misunderstanding. I am learning now that I need to deal with underlying issues that created such an anxious heart and sadness. Issues in my family of origin, not to put blame on them but to see why I'm so fearful and depressed. Say a prayer tonite , ask for guidance strength and protection. You are awesome and wonderful!

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