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Today is supposed to b a good day but I can’t shake this damn dark cloud away

It’s NYE and my mans bday. We went shopping then to lunch. Made him a nice dinner , had some margaritas, watched Tosh.o. He keeps asking if I’m ok. I keep smiling and telling him I am. He knows. I know he knows. I don’t know how to not ruin his bday because he can tell when my smile is fake. I want to cry. No reason why today besides a bunch of old crap that I’m worried about and this new feeling I have developed of not liking myself. Counseling on Thursday. I feel like I need to just hide from everyone all week. I don’t argue w my man. He’s great. I just know something is wrong because feeling like this everyday is not ok. 😪

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So sorry to read this! I hate when there is a “nagging discontent.” Just yuck!

Today is a new day. Before you jump out of bed start a gratitude list in your mind. Sounds like your man is at the top of that list!

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Maybe just maybe if you shared with him how you feel he would be grateful for it! I don't know for sure but maybe it's worth a try. You can always start out by saying .. i don't want to upset you.. this is how I'm feeling. I think he would understand!


Hi Mercedes11

It's not nice to suffer in silence I do it too because I don't want my hubby to think I'm a weirdo even though he don't but to me I feel he does...

This is not a nice feeling to have and living with this is awful it takes over everything but you really should open up to him about how your feeling you will be surprised he sounds very supportive

Take care


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