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Today was a good day!


I’m currently at my girlfriend’s university as we are going to be packing her things up to move back home for the summer! I’m so excited to have her back home with me even if it’s only for the summer before she goes back to school in the fall :)

How was everyone else’s day?

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Aw man sorry about that! I mostly like rap for the rhythms and beats because they make me feel good. Idk why but music does that to me.

Well I for one like your facts! Even if they’re random! Lol

I hope you & your girlfriend have a great summer. Bet you are so happy to have her home. Yesterday ended up being better then I thought. My coworker & I resolved our agrument from Monday, keeping it between us. A cupcake place near work does $2 Tuesday, which always improves my day (big sweet tooth). Hope all of us have a good day today 😊🤞

hb_kenzie in reply to melbrown

Yes I love it when she’s home! That’s great that you two were able to resolve the issue! Man I wish I had a cupcake place near me!! That sounds awesome!

melbrown in reply to hb_kenzie

It is... poor me ... going there later today. One of my husband's employees/friends had eye surgery & comes back tomorrow, so getting him a pick me up.

hb_kenzie in reply to melbrown

Aw that’s nice of you!!

Agora1 in reply to melbrown

Cupcake Place you say?? I'm glad it worked out for you and your coworker. :) xx

That’s great news hb_kenzie! Ah summer days and being in love...

That’s awesome news!! So nice to hear someone is happy! Enjoy the summer I’m sure the two of you will have lots of fun nights together :)

hb_kenzie in reply to FinnPanda

Thank you :) I try to enjoy the happy moments I have while they last.

I'm packing my things up right now, it's funny, because I didn't think I had this much stuff! I heard it gonna be a great summer, so enjoy the sun!

hb_kenzie in reply to TwiggyLoo

I know right! We filled up two cars jam packed 😂 now it’s a matter of getting everything into the apartment. The weather is already warm so im already happy about that! Enjoy!

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