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Not a good day today

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I couldn’t sleep last night. And now I feel so space out and numb feels like am floating around and my head feels lightheaded. Still waiting on test results to see if am premenopausal or have endometriosis and I suppose to go tomorrow to get a EMG on my legs

I don’t know if am going now because of the way am feeling now am very depressed because I don’t know when things going to get better for me and am tired of struggling when my family need me I feel so worthless right now and alone because my family don’t understand

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It's OK For People Not To "Understand". They Can't Truly Relate. They Try. & Some Get Frustrated. That's OK Too. Ease Up On Yourself... PLEASE..If You Can Make It To An Appointment ? Please Go. Get Anything You Can Found Out or/ Ruled Out or/ You May Have Some Anxiety About Wishing You'd Had Went & Than Not Knowing... I Got An Appointment Today Getting That Steel Tube Rammed Into My Bladder & It Hurts ! [ had one ]. But ? Even Though There's No Way I Really Wanna Go ? Let's Find Out. I Don't Wanna Be Left To Worry & Wonder.....

Prayers For Ya~*

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Why u have to get the steel tube into your bladder?

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Just Got Back... It Hurts More NOW. It Was Where The Doc Looks Directly Into The Bladder....GOOD NEWS Though...Things Look Fine & NO Cancer....However I Did Have A Very Swollen Prostate Got "Another" Med To Take Now....


I'm so sorry you're feeling down today but as I said earlier on, some days are like that. It goes up and down until you strike a balance. People around you will not understand because they have never experienced what you're passing through. Don't allow that disturb you.This is a phase which will definitely pass. I pray that God will renew your strength.

Sending good vibes your way.

It can’t rain all the time 🖤

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Thank you

I'm sorry it's a bad day for you tamka.

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Me too am fighting to feel better

I'm sorry you had a bad day. Health issues are tiring. I hope you find some answers soon.

Sorry for your bad day and it sounds exhausting.

I truly understand how your feeling. Everyday is a struggle for me. 😣

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Praying for the both of us

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