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Forgive me

I want to apologize to anyone who read my most recent post as it was very graphic. I was trying to express my thoughts and let us know what is causing our sufferings and what to do about it, but that way is not a good way to go about it. I’m sure there is a much better way. Still though i didn’t deserve to be shamed and put down with words. To be fair I did put up a warning too. Anyways I will learn from this and try to help instead of frightening the community with gruesome stories. Again I am sincerely sorry for making anyone feel even more depressed, but I assure you that wasn’t my intentions though it may seem like it. Ty and take care!

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I didn't find it graphic...ive seen and read much much worse. Don't apologise for how you feel. We all express ourselves in different ways and some more detailed than doesn't make it wrong!!. I do see alot of pain...we have our own demons and pain daily which we have to take care of..its how you felt, no more and no less. I think it's kind you have taken others feelings into account as an after thought...says alot actually. Take care. Janie.


Will do you take care of yourself too!

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Thankyou so much...ill try lol.


Lmao same here but yea take care!


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