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Feeling like I'm drunk and confused

Not sure what's happening to me. I have been feeling really off. I had my first depression episode back in Sep 2014(never has a history or mental illness) and ever since I had that first episode I will things are changing for the worst. I developed tinittius after the first year . I was freaking out because I did not know what the he'll was happening to me. After reading obsessively found out there was no cure. Just had to live with it. I finally got habituated to the sound and now it does not bother me so much. After years of dealing with ups and downs I am finally ready to do something about it. All I do to deal with the problem is to "ride the wave " and my depression episode would last from a few days to 4 weeks. During my episodes I feel confused, can't focus , brain fog, I feel like I'm drunk. I don't feel dizzy at all. I just have a feeling of not being 100 there. It's like the light in my head is dim. This feeling can come in go several times during the same day , week or month. Not sure why this has happened to me and I'm not sure who can help me. I have seen so many doctors and done all kinds of test. Nothing is wrong with me according to doctors. A couple say that I have anxiety and depression and to take medication but I don't know how medication can cure brain fog. At this point I'm willing to try. Any suggestions or follow up questions?

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Thyroid okay?


I have antibodies to tpo and tgb. So I have Hashimotos. This is the weird part. My TSH is normal and in the range so I don't take any medication. Also my testosterone is very low but I'm an active guy. I play soccer like 3 times a week.


Hmmmmm, that Hashimotos is a bugger! (Even in the normal range!) Hashis is closely related to anxiety and depression and bi-polar. A great clinician will always work this over when working on a mental health diagnosis as it mimics mental health issues often, and/or exacerbates them!



If you have been tested thoroughly, then you need to start a dose of anti-depressants.

Our mind is a powerful thing and when not operating properly due to chemical imbalance it will cause a range of conditions.

There are many other things you can try to bring some balance into your life but the meds would be a start.

Let me know if you want to talk about the other tips and tricks also.

Good luck and take care!


I think I am going to start one. It's just that I'm terrified of side effects. If I start taking it then I get a side effect a freak out and stop. I tried it on time and after 2 days of taking it i woke up in the middle of the night and my vision was weird. I was seeing like scribble black and white. Like when a old school tv would loose connection to the cable.


That does NOT sound like a typical reaction to psyche meds, but who knows?! We are all so very unique.

Try oh so very hard to avoid googling or reading possible side effects(!) I know, hard to do. But the truth is, if it is a truly concerning (not just annoying) side effect—-you WILL know it! Tell your body to chill the heck out and accept the said med as a tonic for health, balance and neefound peace.....then, IF you have serious debilitating side effects, try another. Sometimes it takes several tries or dose adjustments. We so want a single dose to “release us” from whatever is dogging us at that moment!!!! (I know this well) But to re-align ourselves takes time, whether through natural ways or with the help of meds. We typically did not have one random episode and boom, done- we are now depressed or having anxiety. It typically had been warning us for a while....


I'll give it a try. I'm just going to not worry as much and if shit hits the fan discontinue and Try something different. I also suspect that when I get sick I get a bout of depression. Every time I have gotten sick I feel depressed and bad brain fog for 2 weeks. Hopefully some day I can find a answer, it just might be a chemical imbalance, but what I don't understand is why do I get it for a few weeks and then it goes away and I feel normal and then it comes back.


I get it when I get a virus too! There are many studies tying inflammation to depression/anxiey/mental health issues!!!! Inflammation from certain foods for certain people, viruses, pollutants. I really believe there will be major changes in our indersranding and treating ofcmental health issues. Yes, there will always be the extreme, truly severely mentally ill, but the mass of humanity suffering at medium to lower levels will be less if/when the connection is made. Abd I have faith they will😍 But man oh man do I wish it was TODAY!!!!


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