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Anxiety attack? Or panic attack?

I've been worried for my marriage lately. I have felt like the problem for so long and husband is trying to learn vulnerability in a kik app supposed for depression/other chat where he's connecting with other people and trying to learn being open with them so he can open up and better connect with me. I worry about his phone and when things come through. I worry so much and we have been working on communicating better and in our intimacy. However when his face seems disgusted or frustrated at me it's tough. It feels to me that I fail and just make his life miserable but I just want connection and kindness. And he's giving others not me the opportunity of his openness and vulnerability. I feel left in the dark as to what is actually going on. Today it was to much for me, my worry of it all. My impatience in it all. And I felt like I would collapse/faint shake, breathe weird fall over. I took an anxiety pill at the store checkout. I felt weak. At the next store It happened but I was in the front seat of my passenger van parked outside with my whole family husband and 4 kids 4-11. I closed eyes, eyes fluttered, weird breathing noises, felt weak. Is this anxiety attack or panic attack? What should I do to help myself not get here again?

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Hi AnxiousGirl678,

I'm not an expert and I am newly dealing with anxiety myself... but it sounds to me it might be a panic attack? Because you are so worked up about everything going on with your husband, worrying about the relationship, etc. Other than the meds, have you tried breathing exercises or other coping mechanisms?


I tried to read up on it and noted stress too. I read to count backwards and I tend to need to just breathe the last couple of days. This morning was not good again with an arguement with my husband about him being spacey. He didn't want to have or think about that conversation. It set me off so I sat down closed eyes and did counting and breathing then I went to the bathroom and put cold water on my hair/head face and neck. I may still need more tools and I will see my therapist today.

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I hope the breathing helped. And hopeful talking to your therapist will help today. Good luck with everything, AnxiousGirl678.

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