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Anxiety is bad today.


I love this weather and it reminds me of when I used to be happy, but I fear the happiness won't last and I don't deserve it.

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my stress and anxiety is already through the roof don't know how I'm holding on but I am.

cb934586 in reply to kenster1

Good job for holding on. I too am trying to hold on. The holidays are stressful because they remind me of the past. I hope you keep holding on. If you don't mind my asking, what is the source of your stress?

You do deserve it, don’t question it, just enjoy it. Yes it may not stay, but for now you are ok. If and when it does go, remember you can be happy, it is possible.

hi my dad was admitted to hospital last week after months of complaining about being unwell doctors kept fobbing him off after near collapsing my sister demand he was admitted to hospital turns out hes got aunt lives with my dad and shes got dementia.i work full time but was supposed to meet my sister after work to visit him but my driver refused to take me near home meaning I missed the out. today and he had us lost for ages miles from our destination and I got home 2 hours late plus he crashed the van.

kenster1 in reply to kenster1

yesterday he could have got me home and still made it home for things he had to do but he chose not too yet he lives right outside the company and I had to travel miles on 2 buses.after me telling him about me visiting my dad he chose not to help me out.

cb934586 in reply to kenster1

Yikes, I am sorry about the van driver. I will say a prayer for your dad if that's ok. Hopefully you can see him soon and the hospital will treat him well.

thanks yeah testing times Christmas is bad enough having lost my son and mum.

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