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Medical Marijuana

Hi guys, I made a previous post about a month ago about how my anxiety has come back for the first time in two years and I do not want to go on pharmaceutical anti-depressants again. I have been reading online and talked to my therapist about medicinal CBD oil to cope with anxiety/PTSD. I was wondering if anyone knows about CBD oil to help treat anxiety or if anyone uses, or has used, CBD oil and how it has made them feel, or your thoughts on using CBD oil as treatment for anxiety. Thank you!! :)

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I’ve used medical cannibis to treat my anxiety and depression and highly recommend for anyone seeking alternative and homeopathic methods of treatment. You just have to make sure to speak with a doctor regarding which strain they would recommend for your specific medical condition because some cannibis will make your anxiety worse, i.e. the sativa strain. That being said, it’s amazing. You medicate, eat and sleep. Not much to it.


Yes, I agree with blueone. The sativa strain can increase anxiety in some people. I stick with the indica strain, and only vape a small amount.


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