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Another New Person


I'm Angelica. I'm 32 and have been dealing with anxiety and hypochondria since age 19. The worst of my anxiety, I believe, stemmed from having cancer when I was a young teenager. I spent a long summer running to doctors with various ailments that I thought were cancer again (and, of course, were not) before starting an SSRI with a backup benzo that controlled the majority of my major panic for a long time.

I lost my mom in September and, in late October, began developing hypochondria again over various symptoms, most of them gastrointestinal (left side pain, nausea, lack of appetite). After visiting five doctors, drawing four rounds of labs, and undergoing an abdominal/pelvic CT, the conclusion is that I am physically fine, though I still have my myriad symptoms and cannot shake my anxiety despite an increase in my SSRI and regular doses of my benzo. I can't focus on anything but my health fears and am afraid that my job and general wellbeing are at risk.

I'm hoping to hear from others who are facing similar mental health issues and perhaps learn some coping skills from those who have been there.

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I wish i could give you some advice on how to feel better all I can say is your not alone. You have had a difficult time so don't be hard on yourself. I m very sorry you have lost your mum. I have problems with anxiety and depression trying not to worry at all is my problem. Hope you can get the help you need.


I constantly have physical symptoms that bring constant worry and all I can say is the doctores said you are healthy and you are. anxiety will create true physical symptoms so I know they are hard to ignore but just try not to focuse on them.

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Hello Angelica

Even I have suffered from OCD related anxiety in the past,but my condition is much better now. Trying to not freak out over our Health can be difficult for those suffering from anxiety as they are already worried for the slightest of things.

I just want to say that there is no set formula or method that can help everyone.But always remember that your fear is the thing that gets you more fear and then the cycle goes on and then it leads to anxiety.So what can you do to break this cycle

1. Practice Mindfulness Read the Book "The Power of Now" by Echart Tolle

2. Surround yourself with Happy and Positive People

3. Be around Nature

4. Always Remember only we give the energy to our worries that one day they turn into anxiety and bother us , to break this cycle can be a process but is surely very much possible

Thank You

Best Wishes

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