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Die Insomnia

The last couple of weeks I’m having a very frustrating flare up insomnia. I have ADD and GAD baseline and life has been stressful lately with changing jobs and dealing with financial insecurity, recently leaving an abusive relationship, and managing pain from a back injury. I started an exercise routine during the day, drink decaf coffee until noonish, drink camomile tea at nite, turn off the tv and phone before bed, and do a relaxing breathing exercise before bed on top of taking prescription meds to knock me out. Nothing seems to be working and I’m going crazier by the minute for every nite of sleep I lose. Any suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated :) Sleepless in Jersey 😔

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Banana tea (YouTube). And/or cherry, banana, and honey smoothie with milk. Everyday. That's what I started doing.


Sounds yummy and effective. Thank you so much! 🙂


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