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I have been prescribed this, and I keep putting it off, my doctor is probably getting fed up with me.

I already take a cocktail of pain meds for endometriosis amongst other things, and now adding something else in too, but, I know I have to try it, as my meltdowns are almost everyday and panic attacks are multiple times a day.

Just wondered if anyone takes them or has done how you got on with them?

Thanks x

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Well I took citilopram and I went into full blown panic light headed my skin was on fire I'm not trying to scare you, this was just my experience. I have issues with ssri class of drugs


Do you mean as in your skin was itching?


No I mean burning my back hands and arms I hated it paxil was the same.


Hi Maxine71,

Citalopram (Celexa) has been in use since 1998 so is a reliable option.

See taking medication as treatment for your mind as you would putting a plaster cast on a broken leg.

Hopefully you have had a good discussion with your doctor about why it's been prescribed and the possible side effects.

Unfortunately there is no prescription, pardon the pun, for how the drug will react when it is in your body. We have different chemical makeups.

Medication alone may not be enough. Are you talking with a psychologist about how to improve the way you deal with the your anxiety symptoms?


I have therapy starting in January, which is linked through eating disorders as I have been diagnosed with bulimia, so I’m assuming this will help all aspects, if not, I have the option of going to regular counselling afterwards.


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