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So I didn’t get much sleep last night probably knocked out at around 10pm ET and was woken up by my bf around 4am even being under xanax which usually puts me in a deep sleep 😴 basically almost coma then stayed up till 6am to be waken up my step kids at 7am to take them school. Now I’m still awake and my head is pounding already took my fiorcet before it even became a full blow migraine did even touch me it’s still pounding. Pretty sure being on this phone with my glasses 👓 on isn’t helping but I’m restless. I should be knocked out being the fact that I also took 2 .25mgs of xanax but can’t seem to fall 😴. My mind is on full throttle at the moment and won’t shut down and it’s 11:33am. 😖 I did take my mood stabilizer this morning and am watching tv in bed 🛏. My feet are freezing cold but I just can’t seem to settle down Jesus !!!!

It’s starting to irritate and aggravate me !

My bf snoring and his bodying twitching due to the fact of severe trauma to this spinal cord and spine due to a MVA along with many other injuries from a few years back isn’t helping me either but he finally has fallen asleep and I am basically trapped underneath him bear hug. It’s driving me insane 🤯

Every time he twitches it catches me off guard and spooks me cause it unexpected his muscle twitches. So it basically wakes me up.

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ktp8789 As cozy as that might sound being held in a bear hug, every muscle twitch he has is a startle to your nervous system and can undo the relaxing mode you are trying to reach.

When in the throws of migraine (believe me I know how fierce they are) the two important things in relieving the pain are hydration as well as relaxation. Having something hanging over your head and watching the clock til the kids come back home from school isn't putting you in the best of a relaxing mode. It keeps you awake because your mind is going 240...

Even 1/2 hour alone, in a quiet dark room, listening to a relaxing imagery (to take you away) and deep breathing can help immensely More than popping a pill, sleeping in a bear hug :) and anticipating how much longer until the pain leaves.

My heart goes out to you, migraine pain is horrible. Feel better soon. Let us know how you are feeling later. xx


ktp8789. I am hoping that by now your migraine has subsided or is gone. I thought of one other thing that may help you next time you may get a migraine. By soaking those cold feet in a tub of hot water, it will take the blood in the engorged vessels in your head and bring it down to your feet warming your feet up and reducing the pain in your headache. I even heard on a cold winter's day if you wet your hair and go out in the cold for a few minutes, the blood vessels in your brain will constrict causing the migraine pain to abate. Feel better. xx


Thanks definitely will try the soaking of the feet and I never go outside with wet hair. It’s funny you mention the feet too cause they were freezing cold earlier when I had my migraine.

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