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Help me

Hello guys im bothered because i feel depressed i dont know do anything in life i have no activities i want to change but dont know how & depression is making me cry a lot in addition the panic attack is killing me where my heart keep on skipping a beAt and shivering & my breathing sounds as if i have asthma... i dont want to take medication & i forgot how to be normal. Please i need help i think i need a psychiatrist but its too expensive..furthermore im getting bothered when im outside because its constantly there .. the other day i cried in the mall! I always feel electricity in my face,hands & body also i shiver its affecting my studies & i cant focus im scared i dont want to die i want it to go. Im scared of being mentally ill it's affecting my way of thinking and my family. I want the idea of me being depressed to go.

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I think you should speak to someone who especialices in mental illness

I also think that medicine and therapy are a great combination to start feeling better.

If you don’t take care your depression you will never get better,you have to enjoy every minute of your beautiful life

We can only give you ideas but you must take the decision to get better

Good luck, God bless🙏🏻


I would start by getting some support from a church counselor or a pastor. Maybe join a church group. That's a choice though. GABA, Taurine, and Glycine may help naturally with your anxiety. Some people swear by them but I don't know. You can find those supplements in Amazon. You can also try some Subliminal Affirmations for Anxiety on YouTube. I can't say for myself yet that they work but it doesn't hurt to try. I wish I had more but my friendship is all I can offer.


Sometimes when my anxiety becomes so overwhelming I do some type of physical activity to calm me down to where the anxiety is more manageable. Walking has helped me alot.

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Hello. I just read your post. I am sending you the warmest wishes I can. Your story sounds like what my life was like in the past. Through the support of kind people, a combination of therapy and medicine, and belief in G-d for a brighter tomorrow, I can tell you with absolute certainty that things can get better. Hold on, do the best you can, and if you need to talk to me, I’ll be happy to do that too. You’re not alone.


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