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help. someone?


i dont like feeling like i just want the attention but i do need someone to talk to who understands what it feels like to be stuck in life and has no idea where the hell to go or what to do or even what to think. should i think of the positives? what are they i can't seem to find any. nothing excites me im bored i honestly feel like crying i just feel stuck. i dont know what to do. im not depressed i dont want to die but life isnt exciting and theres nowhere i can go that i know that will make me happy.

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Is there a counselor that you can see at school?

i dont know if my school has one im on a spring break but thanks ill look into it soon

If you go over with the counselor the same kinds of things that you posted here, you'll be on your way to doing something about it, and making your life happier. Good luck.

I know where your coming from, I have my good and bad days. I was out taking care of things today and I just felt sick being out there I just wanted to come home. Sometimes a good cry helps a little. Thinking positive does help that's what I do cuz I can feel the anxiety trying to rise to the surface and I just keep telling myself everything can be fine why can't it be?

people alot have told me everything's gonna get better just wait, but i dont know what im waiting for my parents divorced over three years ago and nothing has gotten "better" ever since

how do you know? are your parents still together? how old were you when/uf they divorced

I'm sorry you are having such a hard time. Do you have any hobbies or friends to help take your mind off things ? Life can be very dull and repetitive but if you can find the energy it doesn't need to be. My parents divorced when I was young and my sister and I were separated so I know it's very very hard. It sounds like you need to put time into thinking and caring about yourself so you can be open to things that might life happier and more interesting. Best wishes

Jacky_1990 in reply to CazO46

i had a friend i considered a sister for a long time but over time something happened and we weren't allowed to see each other for quite a while so i know somewhat that feels like and yeah it sucks cuz she was the only one i could talk to about these kind of issues. she was like my therapist sometimes. then we would go outside, she would make fun of the world and our neighborhood and after a few good laughs we went back to her house and had lunch. usually that would lead to a sleepover but ya know as they all say good things must come to an end. and it did so im sorry about your sister.

CazO46 in reply to Jacky_1990

I think friends are important if you can find people who you trust and you like to be around. They are like therapists ! Not all good things have to come to an end, perhaps you can find new friends, I know it's not easy especially when you experience anxiety. Take care X

What do you think you'd like to do , and where would you like to be that would make you feel more connected?

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