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Anyone else feel like their living in a nightmare? Like your day literally takes on the feeling of a nightmare you may have had? There's this constant eerie, sickly, sad, doom feeling over everything. Nothing looks "nice" when I'm in these moods and random things can take on an uncomfortable scary sensation. Makes me feel trapped and crazyyyy 😕

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I feel like that too right now, what are you going thru now that is making you feel like that?

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Well I'm pregnant which doesn't help but I had a health scare about two months ago which triggered anxiety I think. Since then I've thought something is wrong with my brain or me mentally. I've monitored all my thought and feelings. I get these waves of doom and hopelessness. Everything around me just feels wrong or looks uncomfortable. I can't explain it. Like even just looking at random stuff makes me anxious or get a weird sickly feeling. I can barely describe it. What about you?

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