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On edge

I don't know what this feeling is? My hands feel hot and my face feels hot,and I am stressing over why I feel like this and on top of that, I just feel like I am on edge and worring a lot lately, its been so hard to talk to my friend about how I feel because I know she will never understand and that she is just going to make it about her at the end and then say how I just need to get over it, so I do the worse thing possible and hold it in. Hopefully being here I will be able to talk and get to know people who understand what I am going through cause sometimes I just need someone that's gonna listen or just a simple hug.

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Hi Teshia,

If you are not a middle aged lady then you are experiencing a stress attack.

One of the results of the body's "stress" reaction (be it emotional or physical stress) is the release of epinephrine (also known as adrenaline) into the blood. This causes blood flow to increase which, as a result, leads to an increase in temperature. The body's "overheating" response, causes the blood vessels near the skin in the upper body and face to dilate, which causes the flushing and feeling of warmth.

Sending you hugs :)


I get you. I have been feeling that way too, and it is hard to talk to people because they either minimize it or try to solve it. If we could solve it, we would, right? I have had hot flashes too. I don't know if it is perimenopause or what, but it is frustrating when you are at work and sweating profusely and you can't do anything about it.


You can always talk here! Lots of people understand. And you may want to call your local mental health hotline. They can have lots of good ideas for you or will just listen and care. You're not alone, I promise!


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