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Hi everyone. I've been suffering from depression and anxiety for the past 20 years. I'm 34 now and things are just out of control. I have driven myself to high blood pressure and possibly irregular heart beats. I'm just trying to get a grip on life. I am able to maintain a full time job but it's a lot of internalizing and now it's manifesting. Thanks for listening.

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Hi Coalgirl. Are you meeting with a therapist? Any meds? I hope you’ve got someone in your corner. It can definitely feel much worse, and if it happens quickly, it can seem overwhelming. I was thinking that Sundays have always been risky for me. I’m not sure why, but if things take a turn & it’s a Sunday, it’s a bad combination. Also, I’ve learned that I can inadvertently make things much worse for myself by: not eating well, or not getting enough sleep, or not getting exercise. It sounds basic, but many of us slide into it & may not realize how badly these daily life issues might exacerbate things. Try to be kind to yourself. 💜

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Wow 20 years damn....I’m in the same boat....dunno what to do. I’m thinking about plastic surgery. Hopefully that will ease my anxiety a little bit because my anxiety is spiking up from being ostracized by society:( I’m here though if you wanna vent. Best of luck and hang in there.


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