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Extreme Anxiety

Hello all,

I'm a student, and I suffer from intense anxiety 24/7 that seems to have no known origin. Symptoms manifest as nausea, shaking, chills, headache, general weakness and the inability to speak or stand. When this happens, I'm at a loss on what to do- despite working with a therapist for years I can't seem to find a way out of it. Meditations, music, writing, none of it works to stop the anxiety once it's started. What I really need are ideas for coping strategies to try and see if one will make a difference.

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Hi Onelittlerose,

I understand you feelings, it is not easy to copy with anxiety when it comes. I have the same symptoms like you: I can not speak or hear when I am down with my thoughts. It is really hard and I am looking for help too because it affects my daily life a lot.

Stay strong and fight for our happiness ❤️

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You are beautiful! I know it's not easy, I struggle every day, just try to think of happy thoughts, it helps me!



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