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Do i need professional help

Last August my dad died from cancer, then few months later in November my brother died I've stayed busy and for the most part was the strong one who held it together and was support to other immediate family members following there deaths. Now 1 year later life's slowed down and not only am I trying to bottle up those feelings, thoughts from the most recent deaths but I still have never dealt with or grieved the death of my mom back in 1995 and my grandma as well from 1997. It feels like I'm still frozen on the day my loved ones passed away as the rest of world is still moving along almost like the leaves on a windy fall morning my need to stay numb and run fro. This melting pot of hurt sad abandoment

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Im so sorry for all of your losses SassyTia. It’s almost like you can keep going for so long then it really hits you and brings back the other losses. Grief hits everyone differently and at different times. It’s almost easier to help others through their loss than cope with your own. My niece helped her mum and bro cope with her dad’s death and it wasn’t until 13 yrs later (when she lost her dog which her dad bought her) that the grief totally overwhelmed her.

Cruse are excellent counsellors in the UK but not sure about elsewhere.

Look after yourself and remember those special people are looking after you. 🙏

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Do you live in the US? I had a terrible time when my sister died. The local Hospice where I lived had grief counselors. At first I was so distraught that I met individually with a counselor. I then joined a support group through Hospice which helped me tremendously.

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Such a terrible amount of loss no wonder you feel the way you do. I encourage you to find a Grief and Loss support group - go on line they should be listed there. Talk to a counselor that helps people with grief/loss. You are depriving yourself. The library has books on grief and loss. Bee kind to yourself, you need love and support to heal. I wish you well and send love and peace. Sprinkle 1.


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