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Dont know which way is up anymore....

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diagnosed at 15....and its only gotten drastically worse....i dont know what to do anymore....where to turn to....which words to use...or if anyone will even care....QUICKLY spiraling what i think is downward but my mind is so screwed....i dont know which way is up anymore....cant tell if people even hear me when im screaming and showing a cry for help....seems that my kids are the only ones who are even there for me..... </3

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You say you were diagnosed at 15? What were you diagnosed with?

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severe manic depression and slight anxiety. which both have gotten about 5x worse since then.....

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I'm sorry to hear that. That's a young age to be diagnosed with manic depression. I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder when I was 21 and have been up and down since then.

I think it's important to remember that there are people who love you and care about you even when it's hard to see sometimes.

I always feel that my own mind is turning against me, but it's important to remember that things wont always be that bad.

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It's good to know that your children support you, although it's difficult for them, whatever their ages. Hopefully you have a family member or friend who you can talk to and will understand you.

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Yes I agree that it is important to have family and friends that you can turn to during tough times. Although if you’re anything like me, you may hesitate to go to them because you feel guilty about dumping your issues on them. I know they don’t feel like that and they are always there for me but sometimes our minds like to create issues that aren’t really there.

I feel for you, it is a tough battle, are you seeing a Psychiatrist? I found a good one when I lived in Calif. He diagnosed me as Bi-polar 11. He took good care of me, put me on Lithium along with my antidepressant.Right now I am having s bad depression and severe anxiety, boy it stinks. I have no friends here so it makes it hard, I have been looking for a support group. My Dr. helps me and I am seeing a Psych. nurse practitioner. I am now on 6 meds. and I am finally feeling a slight improvement. So please seek out help, it is out there, get on line and look for more help. Be good to yourself, do Not blame yourself, your brain needs some help to get back to normal. We are here for you, I send love & peace. Sprinkle 1

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