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This place is so helpful

Wow I don’t really have this app and I haven’t logged in for like 2 days I really just joined because I'm desperate and i was willing to try anything. But writing out my thoughts helped me 1. Let it all out 2. Go to sleep with peace of mind. During my last post I honestly cried while writing it because I felt like I just needed an outlet but it really touched my heart how many people responded, how many people reached out to tell me I’m not alone, people who really took there time in reading my very long post and giving me real feedback. I’m touched THANK YOU GUYS I feel like this will be an amazing place to get the most genuine help, I’m happy to have heard “you’re not crazy, I feel like this too but here’s how to help”

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Although I'm not one of those in the community who helped, I'm happy that you're feeling better. I feel the same way about this wonderful community. I hope you continue to do well and wish you peace.


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