What's Wrong With Me?

I was having another panic attack on my way to work and found this site. Feel better just knowing it is here. I keep going back and forth to Urgent Care, ER and doctors, but they can't find anything wrong. Finally one doctor mentioned anxiety attacks and so I've tried to control them on my on. That worked for awhile but now seem to be getting worst. My heart seems to hurt and so I looked up broken heart because I heard it was a real syndrome. I believe I may have this, ever since my mother died 6 yrs ago. Going to see a cardiologist next week.

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  • Chest pains are a symptom of anxiety, my guess is that you will need medication for your anxiety.

  • I don't like to take medication unless absolutely needed. I have a doctor that believes in alternative medications but need a diagnose first.

  • You do what is right for you

  • Sorry for the hell you are going thru (that's what I call it) I find it frightening. My doctor does her best to help me and I also have a Psychiatrist, they are trying to find some meds that will work for me. I have been on meds but unfortunately built up a tolerance to them and had to move on to something else. But some people do really well, I have a friend who has been on Prozac for 30 years. So take heart, ask for help in the right places. I wish you success and send you oeace,

  • Sometimes it does feel like hell. Once I get a diagnose I will try alternative or natural remedies. I don't like to take medication unless nothing else is working.

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