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Good day???

I can't even believe I am typing this. I realized at the end of my day today that I had not felt the slightest bit anxious, all day long! I was happy, but then started to fear because I couldn't feel anxious, I could not make myself feel it at all. Then I started thinking, what if I lost my ability to feel anything??? It's scary to be anxious all the time, and then just one day, it's gone.... I seriously must be losing it because this is what I've been praying for so long and now I'm fearing losing my anxiety?? WTF is wrong with me?! lol seriously.. has anyone else ever felt that way????

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If anxiety is what you normally feel, then but feeling it will be weird. That’s ok. Celebrate that you had a good day!

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oh I am definitely celebrating! It's just such a strange feeling to be without it, after having it every day for almost 6 months...


Enjoy! No point in getting anxious abut not being anxious.

Sounds like you're doing things right and are going into recovery. Hurray!


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