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Hello everyone I joined this site to learn better mental health. Ever since my separation and then divorce, I have been dealing with depression and anxiety. Currently I am dealing with some health issues that are causing anxiety. Because I am a single father to a 12 year old boy, I always feel that I must "Hold it together ". I go to some AA meetings that do help but their main focus is on Alcohol. I have been sober a long time and can't always relate to only talking about alcohol. The only medication that I am currently taking is Symbicort for my lungs. The only side effect that I have experienced so far is increased anxiety which is the one thing I didn't need.The drug is helping my lungs heal and I shouldn't need it for a few more weeks. I have been reading other people's issues and it helps me realize that I am not alone. I don't have much of a support group and I am hoping this site helps.

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Hello and welcome. I hope this community can provide you with some of the emotional support that you need, some of the broader support that it sounds like you're maybe not getting from AA. I hope your anxiety levels drop when you finish taking Symbicort in a few weeks. Fingers crossed for you!


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