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Is it possible to just do therapy and not medication to treat Social Anxiety? I am on 20mg of Paxil and it seems to do very little for me and it is actually causing me depression and other side effects. I've never been comfortable taking medication so I was wondering if anyone has had success or heard of anyone having success with just the therapy part instead of the meds/therapy combo.

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I know your pain I have my good days and my bad days a lot of my anxiety attacks I thought were heart attacks in the beginning because of the physical symptoms I was always having (heart pounding, dizzy, impending doom feeling, breathing difficulty) but after years of having them and talking to doctors and therapists I realize now when I have them they are just anxiety attacks but they can be very scary for sure if you don't know what it is in the beginning. I hate taking RX meds too so it's a double edge sword, I feel like I trade one problem for another when I take the pills the doctors give me and all the side effects that come with them. To be honest I have been using medical marijuana for the last few years and I feel it really helps me and doesn't have near as many bad side effects. I know it might sound crazy but look into it and try a sativa strain it really helps with mood, anxiety and depression. But use a low does if you never tried it before


Yes it's possible, not trying to say stop it as not a doctor, nor an expert but please read some of the threads I'm involved in and if you wish to get in touch


I agree that it is possible. I don't take antidepressants. I tried them, but they didn't work for me. I have anxiety, but not so much social anxiety. I think the movie "a beautiful mind" with Russel Crow, featured a guy who ended up opting not to take meds, and went on to be a professor. He had struggles, but decided to live his life med free. Based on a true story..

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I would recommend doing some research into plant medicine that could help. I started taking a specific type of plant called an "Adaptogen". All natural plant. And no side effects. You can get them at natural stores. I have experienced amazing and noticeable results from using maca root (I just added it to my smoothies, you mostly find it powdered) and also rhodiola, which I also purchased powdered. Definitely do some research, but I think you'll be very interested. I noticed a difference before I even knew what it was supposed to do. I just got it for the flavor.

Plants have a lot of medicine to offer! You don't need a prescription, and it is pretty readily available and it's all natural. I do hear about the use of cannabis for anxiety but I don't know about that so can't speak about it.


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