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Hello, new

Hello my name is Mark.

I've been reading some posts the last couple days and it helped me feel better. Last week I had a panic attack and since then I've been struggling with anxiety and depression.

This happened to me a couple years ago after I quit drinking. I thought it was withdrawal symptoms but the anxiety never went away which led to being sad. Doctor put me on 20mg fluoxetine. I felt better after a couple months and stayed on it for over a year. This past May I went down to 10 mg and felt fine. Almost back to normal. Then in July I tapered off completely and was feeling great up until my attack last week.

Now I'm back on the meds 10 mg just hoping I'll feel good again. It feels like I'll never feel normal again, but I know i will.

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I'm not sure what triggered it. It happened right after work, and I was actually having a good day and in a good mood. All of a sudden my heartbeat was so fast and I felt so scared and sad.


Well since it's happened before I told myself to calm down and took deep breaths. My HB went down but ever since just felt gloomy about everything and can't sleep well


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