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Today I'm fine

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Today I'm actually fine, well so far I am. I'm really really exhausted and I have this raging headache and my body feels heavy but I managed to get up today and I'm alright. Last week I was having a difficult time trying to figure things out and I was depressed and mad at myself too. Which didn't make myself feel any better. I talked to a few people yesterday and it made me feel better. I didn't talk about whatever I was going through and I made some mistakes and ended up relapsing but it wasn't major but it wasn't minor either. i'm trying to get through today like any other day hoping nothing will happen. Well I hope everyone is doing okay today.

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I browsed your other posts and although I can see that you are going through a difficult time; there are no specifics. I would like to help if I can.

I know it's tough to pour your heart out but this site is anonymous - so your privacy is protected.

If you would prefer to private message - please do so. Otherwise, can you elaborate on what is going wrong in your life?

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