Hurting in Little River aka Sprinkle 1

I am asking for support, I slept fair last night, but when I get up the monster anxiety is waiting for me. I feel so alone and very frightened, I know it is my brain chemistry. It literally paralyzes me and I let it drive me into my chair, I try to read, color or do word search, cannot go for a walk I am too wobble, legs are like jello. I took .5mg Loraz. and wait for it to work. Anyone else go thru this and how do you cope?

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  • I have gone through this in the past. Every morning the same thing, I started making myself occupy my mornings with things to do. I would get up take a shower eat and the. Go to yoga. Or you could try a walk or the gym. Just keep busy so you are not just sitting there thinking about what is happening to you.

    This may take some trial and error but keep trying until it becomes a routine. I did this for awhile and eventually my anxiety and panic diminished in the morning. I can’t say it all ever really goes away, but I’m so much better. You could also try listening to podcasts, reading self help for anxiety and nerves. Or look for support meetings in your area. EA is a good one or maybe they have something else. Hope this helps

  • Thank You for taking the time to reach out. I have been breaking things up, but not enough, I wish the weather would cool off more, it is too hot to walk now. I do some walking in the house , read, do coloring, word search, have even been able to watch a little TV. I think I am placing too much dependence on the new med.s. Unfortunately my Psych. Dr. took ill and is in the hospital, so I am down on her help and support, not expected back until the end of Nov. I try to bully myself into doing things but it doesn't work most of the time. Though I do not let myself stay in bad all day. I am such a mess. Thank you for listening. Sprinkle 1

  • I go through the same thing most mornings. Sometimes I can find something to do to occupy my mind like reading or a word puzzle. Exercise seems to help the most but it's not always possible for me since I'm usually at work. I've also found that journaling can be a tremendous help. You can sit there and go over the same thoughts and worries for hours and get nowhere but when you put it down on paper it seems to get them out of your brain and makes everything seem less threatening. It's like you said, we all know that this is brain chemistry that is causing most of these feelings but for some reason that doesn't make it any easier to get through the day.

  • Hello I do journal, try to make it fit my day and give myself encouragement. I am falling down on the exercise part, and I should know better I am a Yoga Instructor, I will get my mat out. Thank You for Your support, something I am very lacking in my life, most of my family are deceased the rest like in the UK. I am glad I reached out, and please believe I am here for you also. Sprinkle 1

  • Thank you for sharing with me, at 75 I am retired, live by myself and have outlived most close friends, only family I have is in UK. Yes I try to occupy my mind with word search, or if my mind is to busy stirring up a fuss I do coloring, or attempt to read, also journal to try and calm it down. I am going to try the 5 - 15 mins segments, get my Yoga Mat out - silly me that is so healthy. I am seeing both my MD and Psychiatrist on Wed (27tth) cann't come soon enough. I will post an update. Thank You ALL for caring, it leaves me feeling so not alone. Sprinkle 1 is my cat and she sticks to me like glue, I think she knows I am ill.

  • Hi, Sprinkle1: I take the day 5 to 15 minutes at a time. What can I do for five minutes and then stop? Get my teeth brushed, pull out my journal, grab a book and read a few paragraphs, pull some dishes out of the dishwasher and put them away . . .

    If I know I can stop and rest or do something else I can get through those tiny bits of time.

    When I am out I tell myself to just get to the end of the sidewalk. I stop at each curb and sometimes in the middle of the block. I only have to stand for a few seconds and breathe, then I can move on to the next goal; get across the street, get through the parking lot, get to the bus stop. I sometimes feel exhausted when I get home, but I feel so happy that I have done the task.

  • Thank You for such goo ideas, take it in bite size bits. I am going to implement that once I finish writing my reply's. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. Sprinkle 1.

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