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Anxiety crippling my life/ Any luck with rexulti?

Hello everyone - This is my first post. I am so happy to have found a website like this. I am struggling so much with anxiety. It is lasting days on end. I guess I just want to know there is hope. I am working with both a therapist and a psychiatrist but so far not much help. The anxiety is generalized and creates in me an adrenaline rush that lasts for days. Anyone else this bad out there? I am trying so hard to keep my job and keep my life as normal as possible for my family. It is constant stress just to sit and hang out with my kids. My heart rate is up and I am sweating. I am on 2 mg of rexulti right now but it hasn't helped much as of yet. Does it typically work for anxiety? Just trying to get by right now and hoping someone out there has had experience with this med for anxiety. I am trying everything I can think of - using tapping methods and have an app for panic attacks. I guess that's it. I just want to know I am not alone and that others have overcome this same situation successfully. Thanks for any responses. I would appreciate any feedback. Sincerely, Cindy

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Hi Cindy

I know exactly how you feel with the adrenaline rushes! This has been happening for the last three months. I feel like I'm on "high alert" most of the time. It also makes sleeping a problem too. I am seeing a therapist and I don't know how much it is helping. I have good days and bad days. I haven't tried any meds yet, and I'm hoping I can manage without them. On bad days I'd sell my soul for some relief! Taking a walk seems to help me. I wish I had an answer for you. I am 60 years old and never experienced this before. Knowing others are experiencing the same thing I do makes me feel better somehow.


Hi Cindy,

Rexulti @ Brexpiprazole is a reasonably new drug, FDA approved for use in 2015. From what I know of it as an antipsychotic it's been approved for off label use to treat depression which shares a number of common symptoms with anxiety.

Medications take anywhere from 4 - 8 weeks to begin working. There is no definite timeline because body chemistry is different in each person.

Having both a therapist and psychiatrist involved is the best treatment plan there is. However, there is no quick fix for anxiety as it is a learned response which needs to be "undone".

Sometimes just getting by is all we can do and that is an achievement in itself.

A circuit breaker to anxiety can be any form of activity such as walking, yoga or meditation which is time for you out of the family loop. Try and schedule some activity into a weekly planner.

Sleep, quantity and quality is also important for any person. Your brain needs time to repair and prepare for the day ahead. If you have trouble in this aspect, address this as soon as possible. You run the risk of developing a sleep deficit which complicates mental illness no end.


Hi Cindy. You are not alone! Trust me on that. I have that terrible anxiety too. I wish I could comment on what medications work. I've read that rexulti is an add-on medication, so if you're taking it with another antidepressant maybe you just need to give it time to work. I see both a psychiatrist and a therapist. I'm on an antidepressant and Klonopin (generic) and several weeks ago my doctor added Zyprexa (generic again) as a short term treatment because my anxiety had hit an all time high. Zyprexa is actually used to treat bipolar disorders, but in small doses as I'm on, it acts as a tranquilizer. I'm not in a position to recommend any of these. Only your doctor can help you with that.

I find it helps to come here and read or write, because it reinforces the fact that I'm not alone facing this terrible battle with anxiety and depression. I feel like the anxiety triggers the depression but it's more like "what came first, the chicken or the egg"?

One thing that helps me is trying to stay in the moment. Otherwise my brain goes off in a million directions and I end up exhausted from just thinking. Some people recommend deep breathing, yoga, taking a walk, and any kind of exercise. I'm ashamed to admit I haven't tried those yet, but your post has reminded me that I really should do that. I know what you mean about trying to keep your job....financially I don't have a choice. So sometimes on the drive to work I say my prayers like a mantra just to calm down. That actually helps.

Best wishes and good luck in your recovery process. It may feel like no one REALLY understands but I'm here for you and the people in this group "get it". Sending you hugs and healing thoughts.


Cindy, I have the same type anxiety condition as yours. Nardil, an MAO inhibitor, had an astonishung, profound effect of completely eliminating anxiety for me. This is because it dramatically raises the level of GABA in the whole brain, the brain chemical that profoundly affects anxiety levels. The down side is you need to follow a strict diet avoid foods that contain tyramine, but if you are disciplined, it is not a problem.


Hello Cindy, I haven't much experience with meds other than trying a few antidepressants, and clonazepam which is generic for klonapin. The clonazepam does help with the anxiety, but I had to quit taking it due to my work.

I just wanted to let you know that the anxiety will ease with time. When mine first started back in Feb it was over the top. It was so bad that I couldn't function. I had to take time off of work. I couldn't quit shaking. It was so embarrassing for my family to see me like that especially my kids. They are all 3 grown, but I still didn't want them to see me that way. As time went on the shaking stopped, and I am now able to function. I still have bad days, but it's not debilitating. So please know that it will get better. I did a lot of breathing exercises. It's really hard to focus on breathing when your anxiety is through the roof. If you can, just try a deep breath every so often, eventually you will automatically start doing it which helps calm the mind.

Best wishes for you. Let us know how your doing.


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