Life with understanding

Some times I wish I could live in a world with just you all !!!! With people who have ur ate gng thru the same isolation . Where they're no judgements and everyone is accepted for who they are and not who society tells them them who they are suppose to be ,everyone is living in their own self if hell ! Everyone should be who they want to and need to be with out the raft of society !!!!! STAY STRONG!!!! AND BE YOU !!!!! Nothing more and nothing less !!! Xoxo

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  • I see myself sometimes as a selfish immature jerk . I deserve the bad of life.

  • Okay , I will tell you why. I got carried away and agreed to a move away from our home some years back. We ended up moving back, but I still can;t shake feelings of selfishness. What an ass I am. Now, I have moments of pleasure, but also spend time in isolation.

  • I am selfish- sometimes I think I only think of myself, but others disagree.

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