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Awareness to childhood emotional abuse

I feel a need to randomly get up on my soap box for a moment. Don't worry...I won't be up here long as I'll probably break the dang thing!

I wanted to write a bit about my experience with childhood emotional abuse. I suffer from the ramifications of it and have for many years. I'm 28, married and on my own. I am able to think back now with a degree of objectivity and realize my childhood was far from normal.

We all hear about sexual abuse and physical abuse. But may I quote the late Chester Bennington of Linkin Park when he says "just because you can't see It, doesn't mean it isn't there". I've learned through self studying and doctors that childhood emotional abuse has the equivalent if not worse effects than sexual or physical. It's just as bad but has no face. No teacher can pick up on it when the parents are cunning enough to sell the child into the idea that it's his or her fault, and that it shouldn't be discussed. I've suffered in silence for years. I want to reach out to the world sometime in my future to make a difference...give emotional abuse a face and a voice for those too young or abused to scream for themselves.

Ever watch Titanic? Rose is in the water...sees a rescue boat but has no breath to blow the whistle. Imagine that panic. If you see it...report It!

All love and peace.

- John

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I am on Psyche Central and there is quite a bit on there about Childhood Emotional Neglect. This is not about physical neglect but about mental neglect. It is what should have happened in your childhood but didn't which makes it much harder to pick up. Things like validating your feelings, helping you to have self worth and self esteem etc.

I first came across this last year and it is me to a tee. Have a look if you haven't already as I think you will find it interesting.

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Thank you so much!


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