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Hated toward the entity within

I hated myself. I can't take it anymore with anxiety and depression ripping me apart. When I try talking to my parents, all they do is assume that I can just get over it and think that when I'm just trying to talk to that that I really am looking to get something from the like money or a cure. Now I've decided to stop talking, stop trying, just to let the wind push me along and see what happens.

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I can relate....i hate myself too but you are stronger than you think💪


Hi sorry you are feeling so bad. Do you have to tell your parents? If you are an adult you can choose whom you tell and decide on your own treatment. Do you still live at home and how old are you please? x


If you call a hotline and tell them how you are feeling, they can help you get the care you need right now. Sometimes parents don't get it. People who work in mental health recognize real illness.


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