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My name is Shauna. I suffer from multiple mental disorders. I find myself lost lately and having anxiety attacks and being very stressed out. Very depressed and I don't know how to help myself. Ive been going through this since I was 13. I'm currently 28 residing in Tucson,Az

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Hey Shauna, have you seen a therapist at all? We can all relate to how debilitating anxiety is smh I'm sorry that you're going thru this and 13 is so young to be dealing with this omg.. I'm so sorry... I'm glad you joined the community tho, I hope this is your road to recovery 😌

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Thank you so much. I just want to be better

Hey Shauna, I hear you. We are all here for similar reasons, looking for someone to understand and to listen. That's a lot of years of suffering, I am sorry to hear it. Are you getting any help form the professionals? any medications, diagnosis, therapy? there are ways to feel better and to regain a sort of normal life with help and support. Welcome to the forum, you'll find some really good information here and also load and loads of support from people who know how you feel and will respect you and take your issues seriously :) Big hugs Xx

I need to find another doctor. Sometimes I fall off cause I think I'm ok and I stop going and stop my meds and then I'm back in the same boat. Its clear I have a lot of self destruction patterns that I don't know how to stop

Hey, Aah I see, yeah i kept doing that as well....you think you are all better and "Stuff" has been resolved. The thought kicks in that "a healthy person should not be on medication"...or "Now that I am well, surely I don't need it anymore and I should not take meds unnecessarily"....I had to just put my head down and trust my doctors who say I still need it a while longer. if it is a chemical imbalance in your body, then there is a real need for the meds. Just like people with thyroid issues or hormone deficiencies...you just need to add it to your body. Let's be grateful we live in a time and place where this is available to us and it helps :) I would really encourage you to contact the docs and be really blunt (like really, it's your life after all and politeness sometimes isn't needed) say simply, I have destructive patterns, I keep taking myself off the meds I should be on and I need a doctor who has experience with my kind of condition, which is not the doctor I have seen before, I am not comfortable with them, can I have another one. They will listen and help. With our condition it is important that we get to deal with people that feel comfortable, otherwise we don't open up and they also know that! Good luck and let us know how you get on! Xx

Thank you. I will definitely be going


Welcome Shauna! This site is a great place to meet like minded people and even find some relief knowing you're not the only one experiencing things like this. Are you currently on medicine or see a doctor?

No but I should be

Hi, nice to meet you.

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Hello. Nice to meet you as well

Hey Shauna! Hope this is not a double reply; I was writing and it blinked away! First, I agree that you need to see a doc asap and to get back on some meds. Sometimes I don't think I need them anymore either, but then I remember that the reason I think that is because they are working. Wow, Tucson! Such a beautiful place with those mountains, sunrises, sunsets, and you are a beautiful young woman who has a whole life ahead of you. You've felt better before and you can feel better again. Find a doc, go to therapy, do some exercise, fight for yourself - all the things you can think of so that by the time 2018 rolls around (and it will be nice and cool by then!) you can enjoy a whole new year. You can do it and you deserve to feel better and enjoy life more. Wishing you love and all the best.

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Thank youuuu

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