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Beginning of the School Anxiety

I'm not sure what kind of anxiety I have, but it always happens when I go back to school. I almost have anxiety attack at the beginning of every semester of school. I get to the point in class that I nearly cry, but I keep myself from doing it, because I don't want to be picked on by the other students. This usually last almost a month every semester since 1st grade. I know my case doesn't seem so severe, but if you have any helpful tips to overcome anxiety, please let me know and keep me in your prayers.

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Hi Lavern,

School is tough and you have to deal with a lot of stresses at the same time. Your feelings are just as valid and important as anyone's on here. Is the number in your alias your age? I am wondering because there are some great forums for young people in your situation. I think maybe you could find even better help there? To me, it sounds like it is the change from being off school and going back that seems to be the issue as you say it lasts only for a month or so. I think this sounds very logical to me. Going back to school you know that there is a lot of work ahead of you, social situations you may not like, teachers you may not like...and loads more. If you are a bit introvert or shy, you have to deal with a busy environment every day and interact when you may not feel like it. Do you have friends? do you have hobbies? do you like school overall?

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