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I've never been on a site like this, but thought I'd give it a try. I've been on Efforex for the past 3 years, it worked at first, but now I think I'm worse than I was before😰

I don't want to go any where, do anything, or talk to anyone, and I wouldn't if I didn't have kids that I have to get up for.

I'm so depressed, I just feel like giving up

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Thank you. I just feel like there is no hope, mental health is just over looked

yeja in reply to Soccer-mom

hi, i have been on effexor for 15 years, 300mg along with Prozac. it worked for many many years. last year i started getting repeat bouts of depression, i decided to switch drs after 20 years with the same psychiatrist, he took me off the prozac immediately and raised effexor to 375, plus lithium at night. it worked for a month, i felt wonderful, but just this week the depression came back, i have a call in to the dr. i think effexor just does not work for me any mor, plus at this higher dose, i am constipated, and get sweaty a lot. i wont give up

I am in the same position as you! I understand that it feels like no matter what you do to try and make yourself better nothing works. As if your going to be like this forever. It's such a scary thought. But reading the same thing you are going through but just through a different person makes you think twice about giving up. You CAN do this. Yes it will be hard and yes it won't be easy but know in the end you will be so strong, stronger than any human being you encountered. I know it's harder than some days to realize that but know you are amazing! And you do amazing things! I am confident that you will get through this. I have nothing but faith in you! And I will be praying for you! I'm always here if you need a helping hand 🙂

Soccer-mom in reply to Kakes808

Thank you so much! I've over came so much with God's help!!! I've just had a rough few weeks! I'm thinking about trying a new medicine , but seems like I've tried them all. Hopefully I can find one that works, I just want to feel normal! I have so many reasons to be happy

Kakes808 in reply to Soccer-mom

Normal is overrated. Everyone has their own tweaks in their own way. No one is perfect. I know it's hard tho because society has corrupted us to think there is such a thing. We just think more than other people. We shouldn't beat ourself up for it. We are who we are and we should love ourselves no matter what condition we are in, and remember, we are perfect in gods eyes and that's all that matters at the end of the day. ❤️❤️❤️ stay strong super mama😘

oelzepatty in reply to Kakes808

Agreed! Nobody is "normal." Or should I say, everyone has their own normal. Either way, normal is just a word.

Never give up. You reached out so that means you know you have a problem. That is good. I have had depression since I was a teenager and have been on many medications and therapies. I went through some really rough times and was even in an abusive marriage for 12 years and ended up in a shelter. That is what finally helped. I got a free therapist and free medication that eventually made me feel human again. I am now happily married and getting my PhD in Psychology to help others like me. You can be happy again, I promise. You need to talk to the doctor who gave you the medication and let him or her know that it is not helping anymore. That is very common. In fact, I am on both Prozac and Wellbutrin now because a few years ago Prozac was not enough for some things I was going through. Believe me, it gets easier when your chemicals are all back to the levels where they belong. Please, talk to your doctor.

Thank you all so much !!! Your story has really gave me hope! I want to do something with me my life, and help others ! I've suffered a lot of abuse in my life, and I don't want to just roll over and die! I'm a survivor !!!! I've never tried Prozac before, I've always kinda been scared of it, but I think I'm gonna talk to my doctor and give it a try . I just want to feel like somebody again.

My doctor put me on Prozac because it was on the $4 Walmart prescription program. Lol. Otherwise, I doubt he would have tried it. But even after trying Paxil, Effexor, and many others, Prozac was the one that worked. I got on Wellbutrin to help me quite smoking and then just stayed on it. I cannot say for sure that Prozac is what will help you, but obviously your medicine needs to be adjusted in some way.

I've had many others tell me that Prozac has helped them! Prozac is the only one I haven't tried!! So I'm definitely gonna talk to my doctor , and pray that it helps

If Effexor isn't working, it's probably time to talk to your doc about something else. There are so many meds out there and they target different neurotransmitters involved in depression. Try some others until you find one that works. It will make a huge difference, just like before. Things will get better, and every day you are one day closer to that!

Soccer-mom in reply to Windy101

I think I've tried every anti depression medicine made, but I guess I'll have to start all over, do different combinations until I find something that works

Yes, that makes sense. A friend of mine had a really difficult couple of years and finally her doctor found the right cocktail of four meds - voila! She is a new person. Anxiety is gone, depression is gone, she is calm and just living her life.

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